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Another Expat Wronged by An Agency "Recognized by the Government"

Source:SMOOTH VISA Date:2019/03/03 Hits:

We SMOOTH VISA have long been stressing the necessity and importance of wise and prudent choice of handling agencies for your Work Permit and working visa applications after conducting personal due diligence prior to entrusting your application management, and yet, we still sometimes run into undesired outcomes.

Last week, a Ms S called us complaining about her case that had been handling by another incompetent agency that was in charge of Work Permit application for Transfering(i.e. changing her employer), stating that "by 2 days before the expiration of her humanitarian visa, her application couldn't pass even preliminary examination, and yet agency requested to get paid additional fees again and again.

Then agency advertised itself as "Visa Application Handling Agency Recognized by the Government", "AAA Enterprise Recognized by the Government" etc. However, our investigation raised suspicions about the agency, its attitude, and competence.

1. At the time of submitting the application for transfering, no application for Certificate of Cancellation of Work Permit, which is one of essential documents had been submitted yet.

2. Resistered address of her new employer is in JinShan District and her application was submitted to ChangNing District, but for an unknown reason, her working place in her employment contract or Labor Contract is in BaoShan District.

3. Her monthly salary was declared as rmb 29,200, barely demonstrating illegal intention of minimizing Individual Income Tax burden with necessary minimum amount just enough for 17 points, which definitely had been seen through by the examiners at a glance and caused mass production of rediculous rejection reasons by furious examiners.

... ...

Naturally, Ms S had to leave China hastily on the very date of her visa expiration, hoping to come back with an L / M visa then carry on with her new application from the very beginning. Eespite of her legitimate wish however, we are very skeptical about the smoothness of her application procedure, if not successfulness of obtaining the Permit.

Being prudent in selecting the management of your applications for Work Permit and Residence Permit for Work etc. is very essential, otherwise, things could be worse.