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Another Signal of Zero-Tolerance for Illegal Activities of Foreigners?

Source:SMOOTH VISA Date:2019/03/22 Hits:

If you happen to be Immigration Bureau(出入境) these days, you might have noticed that a lot of foreign nationals being investigated by the authority.

Acutally, a client of our SMOOTH VISA had been investigated yesterday mornining too, being accompanied by our Legal Adviser.

The 2 hour long investigation all began with a phone call from a woman claiming to be police officer. According to her, the authority was conducting random investigation, and lucky enough, our client had been seleted.

The points of investigation seemed to be focused on the following issues:

1. Are there any activities beyond scopes prescribed in his Work Permit and Residence Permit for Work?

2. if the foreign national has been paying individual income tax as required by relevant laws and regulations since joining his employer?

3. Are there any other illegal activities?

According to a reliable source, 3 Japanese women had been arrested by the police recently for working in a kindergarten in Beijing with Work Permits and Residence Permits for Work obtained in Shanghai.

We SMOOTH VISA strongly suggest all foreign nationals in China to obey Chinese law, including payment of individual income tax according to the amounts declared in their Permit application documents in time.

Our original Check List for Illegal Activities, together with Possible Consequences, will be delivered to our clients soon.