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A Young Japanese Cook without Diploma & HSK

Source:SMOOTH VISA Date:2018/12/07 Hits:


A 31 year old Japanese cook at the time of submitting his application for Work Permit without a degree of bachelor or above and HSK certificate, has successfully obtained both Work Permit Card and Residence Permit for Work eventually with our professional services.


The Examination Authority rejected his application for a reason that his score under the point calculation system is less than 60, because 4 years of his working experience during the age less than 20 cannot be accepted.


However, we came to a conclusion after investigation with laborious due diligence that, the rejection reason is not valid according to the Labor Standard Law of Japan in force at that time.


Thus, we submitted a supplementary document issued by Japanese Consulate stating that it was totally legal for our client to work full time from age of 16 to 20, and ended up successfully convincing the Authority, showcasing our expertise, high-level service etc. for satisfying our clients with legal means.